About Us

We take care of building and managing your team, start to finish. With Om Talent, there is no limit to how big or small your team can be. Our goal is to support and work closely with you as your workforce grows.

Om Talent empowers you to build a team based on your specific needs. Outsource your team requirements to us and give your business the focus that it deserves. At Om Talent, we take care of building and managing your remote team – start to finish. 

We build your team, manage your employees, submit all payroll and applicable taxes, handle any issues and most importantly, we grow with you as your business grows. All successful businesses have one common trend, they all have great people. 

The world has become a significantly smaller place and the way businesses function has been revolutionized. This has not only changed the way we work but forced innovation in every industry.

Our Talent Network Pool Comprises:

Customer service
Technical support
General administration
Secretarial work
Personal assistance
Inbound and Outbound Sales
Data capturing
Ecommerce back office

We are based in New York, USA and have offices in South Africa along with 6 countries. We are proud of our international footprint of clients.  

Our approach is simple – how can we build and manage the best performers for you? Ensuring you have the most cost effective, high quality staffing solution with all cross-border legalities and staffing compliance are taken care of by us.

Why we stand out

Experience in staffing and talent management
High quality talent
Efficient hiring and team building
Cost effective staff
100% compliant and legal
Setup and management of your team
Flexible, permanent and contract opportunities
HR, payroll, contracts, legalities handled by us
You can focus on your core business
All our staff speak English as their first language

What we do


We create effective job posts, recruit, interview candidates, and hire them for you.


Our training team assists you with training and onboarding of all your new staff. We can also help build a training guide.


We provide, set up and integrate all computers, internet, software, emails, VOIP and systems for your staff.


We manage your team on a daily basis. From tasks, check-ins, briefs, updates from start to finish.


Our legal team ensures that all staff are employed correctly, taxes are handled and that you are fully cross-border compliant.


We are here to support you and your team, with whatever you or them need.

We have a diverse range of clients

Software / SaaS Point of sale
Medical billing
Ecommerce store
Telecommunications / VOIP
Fundraising and Not for Profit
Financial sector
And we're growing constantly

“Om Talent was a “Godsend” for our company! After spending many months searching for talent we found the one company that handles it all. The professional team at Om Talent walked us through the team building process from start to finish and we couldn’t be happier with our tech savvy, well spoken agents. Our customers are smiling and so are we!”

Joseph R

CEO, POS Company

Case studies

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Insurance Company

Customer Service


Technical Support

Medical Billing

Administration Support

VOIP Provider


Ecommerce Retailer

Customer Service

Fundraising NGO

Calling and Admin Support

Your customers can instantly tell when their call is answered in India, Bangladesh or the Philippines. Om Talent builds teams who speak English as their first language.

Our global footprint

Management team

Dan Chazen

Dan Chazen

Founder & CEO

Chris Gardiner

Chris Gardiner


David Fohrman

David Fohrman

Sales Director

Claire Oosthuyse

Claire Oosthuyse

HR Manager

Tina Lepan

Tina Lepan

Marketing Manager

Our story

Noticing a huge gap in the workforce and employment industries locally and abroad, we identified the need to launch a service to satisfy the growing staffing demands globally. 

Om Talent, which has built a substantial reputation over the past few years in various different sectors, evolved into our managed outsourcing offering in 2021. The need for quality and cost effective talent is so prevalent in our society that we began to receive requests for our services months before launch. After a successful pilot program Om Talent is now available to all companies around the world.

At Om Talent, our mission is to provide clients with reliable, affordable and talented team members to help you grow! This is all done without impacting the bottom line that has become commonplace with traditional recruiter models. We also provide a turnkey solution, where we recruit, set up and manage the team members – we become active employment partners in your organization.

We also strive to empower and uplift many qualified and talented South Africans who have become unemployed recently due to the harsh economic climate and challenges faced over the last 3 years. South Africa has an exceptionally high unemployment rate, and we are privileged to be able to provide a framework where we make this pool of talented individuals available to the international job market. This approach is win-win for both parties and we’ve proven that it works.

Let’s work together to secure the futures and financial security for both business owners and workforces alike, locally and abroad. 

We would love to work with you!

Empowering you to build a team of exceptional people.

Contact us

USA: +1 (347) 467-1047
South Africa: +27 81 721 8619

Email us: info@getomtalent.com

USA: Long Beach, New York, 11561,
United States of America

SA: Sandton, Johannesburg, 2196
South Africa

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