Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is outsourcing?

    Outsourcing refers to hiring professionals outside a company to do a task which is normally performed in-house. In the traditional business model, a company would hire a person to perform a dedicated service internally – i.e. a call centre agent to take inbound calls.

    In outsourcing, a third-party company (such as Om Talent) will handle your staffing process. We do everything from recruitment, to hiring, payroll, management and handle all the legalities – in a much more cost effective model.

    If you are an insurance business, outsource your inbound support agents. In your software company, perhaps you can outsource your technical support. Or if you own a law firm, you can outsource an administrative assistant to do all the paperwork.

  • How can Om Talent help my business?
    Aside from cutting your expenses, Om Talent can also help reduce the stress from your employees caused by overwhelming workloads. You can delegate the small tasks to your remote team so your in-house employees can focus on more crucial responsibilities.

  • Can I outsource even though I’m a small or medium-sized business?
    Absolutely. You don’t have to be a bank to outsource. We have seen a rising trend with small to medium-sized companies who have been taking advantage of our cost effective solution.

  • What industries does Om Talent focus on:
    Om Talent focuses on the following on industries and we are constantly growing in line with our clients needs:

    • Insurance
    • Software / SaaS Point of sale
    • Medical billing
    • Ecommerce store
    • Telecommunications / VOIP
    • Fundraising and Not for Profit
    • Financial sector
    • And we’re growing constantly

  • What kind of jobs can I outsource?
    We currently outsource staff in the following roles. If your desired role is not on the list please let us know!

    • Customer Service
    • Technical Support
    • Administration and secretarial
    • Personal Assistant
    • Inbound and Outbound Sales
    • Data Capturing

  • How many people can be part of my team?
    Your team can range from 1 person to 100 people or more. Although, we see the biggest success initially with teams that start with 5 to 15 people.

  • Do I need an internal system to work with Om Talent?
    Yes, we find that connected and integrated people make the most productive teams.

  • Can I use my current system?
    Om Talent makes use of a seamless onboarding process where you will work closely with our integration team. This is to ensure your team is fully connected to the same systems and communication tools that you are currently using.

  • I don’t have any systems, how can I make this work?
    No problem, our integrations team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and help implement a system for your business, in your home country. When doing so, we will ensure that this new system has all the capabilities to empower both your local and Om Talent team.

  • Can I change the size of my team?
    We always love to grow with our clients. Simply speak to your account manager if you are ready to grow your team.

  • How can I trust you?
    We understand that outsourcing can sound far away – and who even is Om Talent right! However, we have successfully helped countless businesses in building well skilled, cost effective teams. Click here to read some case studies from our clients:

    Click here to read some case studies from our clients:

  • Can I meet my team before I sign up?
    Yes. Part of our onboarding processes allows and encourages you to meet with your potential team before they start working. We want you to be completely confident in your people from the beginning.

  • How long does it take from signing up until my team starts working?
    The time period from our initial meeting to your team’s first day is roughly 3 weeks / 15 business days. This includes an initial meeting, staff recruitment, interviews, training, contract signing and technology setup.

  • Who facilitates training?
    We suggest you should be the training facilitator, as no-one knows your business as well as you do. However, we understand that time is of the essence and if you need assistance with training, our onboarding team will be happy to help.

  • Who will manage my team?
    There is no one size fits all, every company and industry operates differently. During our face-to-face setup, we will discuss the team management process. The management structure will vary depending on the number of people and managers who work in your team.

    Once this has been decided, the work allocation and process can be discussed.

  • If I have an issue with a staff member how do I deal with it?
    In the event you have an issue with a staff member, please speak to your account manager.

  • How do I make sure that my team is doing their job?
    Firstly, your team are your people. For teams with more than 4 people, we will build your structure with at least 1 manager. Your manager will be the central point of call for work, tasks, feedback, queries etc. If you would like to speak with your team directly, you are welcome to as well. Additionally, we provide an online management portal where you can monitor your team.

  • I can't find my answer
    We’re sorry that you can’t find that you are looking for. Please click here to contact us, one of our team members will be happy to assist you in answering any other questions.